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Prosigns Naming Partner of Grudgekings 2019

Staunch and long time supporters of Grudgekings Events Prosigns are back as the naming partner of Grudgekings Sydney 2019.

Fastest signs in Australia Prosigns are well know in the industry as the providers of the best signage  be it for your business, fleet trucks and vehicles  or race cars and trailers.

Prosigns is the  best in the business .


Famous Insurance Joins Grudgekings Family

We welcome Famous Insurance as Presenting Partner for Grudgekings Sydney 2019.
You guys for all your Race car, Show car, Trailer, Buggy, Bike and Cars insurance make sure you contact Famous Insurance you will be surprised how cheap it is to insure your gear.
Let the guys know we sent you and they will look after you.

What Famous Insurance is about -
For some people, a car or motorbike is simply a means of travel. Not for us. We’re not ashamed to admit we really care about our vehicles. The smallest scratch on it cuts us deeply. And if it’s not running well; we want to know why.
A car or bike is a means of escape. A home away from home. It can be appreciated for the cleverness of its engineering, the beauty of its design, or just the way it makes you feel.
At Famous Insurance, we celebrate this passion for the automotive. We understand that you feel strongly about your car, whether it’s a classic or a comfortable every-day drive. So we’ve created the kind of insurance that your vehicle deserves. Insurance that has the features that will protect it properly and the customer service that solves problems rather than creating them.
Let us show you why we’re Famous for insurance.

Welcome to the family Craig and Famous Insurance ❤️


Turbosmart joins Grudgekings Sydney 2019 as Pro Street $50,000 Event Partner

Iconic Australian performance parts manufacturer Turbosmart joins Grudgekings Sydney 2019 as class Partner in the Pro Street $50,000 class.

Turbosmart is a world leading manufacturer in performance accessories for forced induction vehicles, established in 1997 Turbosmart through its innovation, product quality and multiple industry awards has stamped it self to be  one of the most reputable brand in the  industry.

It is the #1 choice for Turbo control products used by the fastest racers in the world.


Grudgekings Sydney 2019 offering biggest payout in Australian drag racing history

Grudgekings 2019 will once again break Australian Drag racing records in payout with two $50,000 winner takes all race in Promod and Pro street offering over $130,000 in payout over multiple classes.


FuelTech onboard for Grudgekings 2019 in FuelTech Promod $50,000 winner takes all

Grudgekings is delighted to announce FuelTech as our 16 Car $50,000 winner takes all Promod class event partner.

All Promods and Door slammers have been put on notice in Australia with the first 16 car Blown vs Turbo vs Nitrous field to be run in Australia.



Southern Cross Crane Services is back as Car show partner for 2019

Our good friends at Southern Cross Crane Service is back this year as our car show partner and with the hype leading up to the show it's one not to be missed.

For all your Tower, Gantry and rigging needs contact Southern Cross Crane Services best in the business.


RC Masters Returns to Grudgekings for 2019 in Multi year Class Partnership deal

RC Masters your one stop shop for Remote Control products and staunch supporter of Grudgekings Events are back signed on for a 3 year Class Partnership deal.

For all remote control products visit RC Masters your one stop shop for all your RC needs.


RGM Civil returns to support Grudgekings 2019 - 2021 as Class partner of Modified Class

RGM Civil back again in 2019 supporting  Grudgekings signing on for a 3 year Pro Modified class Partnership.

Established in 2007, RGM Civil bridges the gap on old fashioned hard work with today's demand for efficiency and pristine finishes.

"small enough to listen, Big enough to deliver"

With an arsenal of equipment, knowledge and industry professionals necessary to accomplish a wide variety of works ranging from; Earth works and road construction, full scale medium to large subdivisions and council work.


Plot Clothing signs on as merchandise supplier and Street outlaw Class partner for 2019

Plot Clothing  will be the supplier for all Grudgekings clothing from 2019 and  have come on board to Sponsor Street outlaw class at Grudgekings Sydney.

Since its creation, Plot Clothing has been at the forefront of contemporary menswear with its signature styles, with their iconic designs Plot Clothing embraces a trend that is distinct, with a touch of European identity.

From concept to final product, meticulous detail is ensured by their design team, to bring innovative and timeless creativity to their entire range.

Plot Clothing is able to cater from essentials to more premium seasonal designs across the ever-changing landscape of contemporary menswear. From urban street wear to the more sophisticated look, Plot Clothing has the portfolio of styles to complement any affair.

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Saturday 6 July 2019

Prosigns Grudgekings Sydney 2019

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sydney Dragway

+ Event Details

Saturday 6 July 2019

Prosigns Grudgekings Sydney 2019

The Baddest drag racing event in Australia is back this time with 2 x $50,000 winner takes all races with over 150 race teams ready to do battle, who will be the winners. 

9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sydney Dragway


Racers, Show & VIP ------------------- Spectator


Grudgekings 2018 Highlight

The Grudgekings team will be building on the success of our 2018  event.

2019 will be bigger, wilder and no doubt be the Baddest Race of the year.

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