Fueltech Promod $50k


- 16 Cars $2500 buy in winner takes all ($50,000)

- 1/4 Mile 

- Heads up Pro tree

- Any Door slammer, Pro Mod, Pro stock Chassis and body combination


- Any OEM or Aftermarket 8, 6, 4 piston and 4,3,2 rotary Engine combination allowed

- Max 2 Power adders

- Must have minimum 2 swinging doors, No 1 piece lift off bodies 

- Drivers draw number to pair each round till last man standing – Elimination format

Eliminated cars will join Grudge class once Eliminated

Note - Cars Faster then 10.00 seconds will require IHRA Licence and Tech

or must apply for IHRA Event Licence using their ANDRA Credentials  Prior 

to attending Event.